Introducing LeadEgg

Real-Time Ping/Post Lead Trading Platform

Our platform was built in the cloud, for the cloud, to provide speed, ease-of-use, and a simple way to integrate to your existing websites.

Supported Verticals

LeadEgg is constantly being expanded to support more and more of the verticals, including:

Payday Loans

Installment Loans

Personal Loans

Auto Insurance

Health Insurance

Life Insurance

Home Insurance

Renters Insurance

Auto Finance




Debt Consolidation

Credit Repair

And many more on the way...

Intuitive Reporting

Reports are both fast and easy-to-use, with lots of attention having been giving to their design to ensure ease-of-use.

Mobile Friendly

Stay on top of your business, even when you’re on the go! All reports are optimized for mobile devices too.

Fast and Accurate

Reports are optimized for speed, and accurate in real-time. No delayed reporting like other systems!

Website Integration

The leads you generate can be attempted to multiple buyers, increasing your overall profitability.

Fast & Easy Integration

Our API makes it simple to get integrated, and we can provide sample code. We’ll soon be offering plug-and-play forms that you can slot right onto your site!

Additional UX API’s

Special API’s allow you to get real-time feedback on buyer progress, which can be used to update progress bars and enhance the user experience.


We packed LeadEgg with features that are now causing affiliates, aggregators and even lead networks to switch over in droves. Listed here are just a few of the leading edge features that have contributed to LeadEgg’s amazing success!

Framework Driven

The reports portal has been developed in Laravel, while we used Lumen for the API.

Third Party Data Validation

We recently added the ability to pre-validate lead data via 3rd party lead scoring systems, such as Xverify, DecisionCloud TruScore, MaxMind minFraud and others.

Dynamic Time-Out Handling

Timeouts and non-redirects become a thing of the past by leveraging our advanced dynamic time-out handling systems and rules.

Data Security

All connections are via SSL. Database access is only from designated IP’s, via SSH using private keys.

Database Design

The database is well optimized to provide lightning-fast reporting and even faster API transactions.

Error Logging

We have implemented extensive error logging that reports directly back to our development team, who jump on any issues as soon as they arise.

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